Cloudy with a Chance of Possibilities

Have you ever thought what it might be like if the world began to rain food like in the movie “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”? The movie focuses on how the main character, Flint Lockwood, always wanted to make a difference and create something new despite of being discouraged by the people around him. His enthusiasm for inventing is what keeps him motivated to continue. Although many of his creative inventions usually end up in failure, Flint doesn’t give up. When the only source of revenue for the town is gone, Flint takes it as his opportunity to build a machine that would change water into food. However, things turned out differently than what Flint expected. He ended up changing the weather and making it rain food in the town of Swallow Falls!


Since we’re on the topic of inventing, my English class is participating in this “what if” project. Basically, it is an innovation project that has us thinking about what do we or the world needs and asking, “What if…” During one of our process for innovation, we did “bad idea farming.” “Bad idea farming” is where we just think of a bunch of bad ideas and branch out from there. This helps our innovation process by using the ideas and finding ways to improve on it. We would think of a need, then come up with a bad idea that would solve the problem. The movie has led me to think about one need: food.

There has always been the issue of the less fortunate not having enough and needing more food so what about thinking of a bad idea to solve it? Well, “what if” someone had actually tried to create a machine that would make it rain food in this society? I mean it would solve the situation. Everybody would have enough to eat every day. Of course, this probably would not happen, and it’s a crazy idea since all the kids would get a sugar rush from all the sweets…but hey, thats why it’s called a bad idea right?


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