Keeping It Simple


In my English class this week, we were working on our innovation projects. However, sometimes, we feel the need that in order to make a good project, it should be complicated and elaborate so it seems cool and awesome. That’s not the case though. A project or an idea can be very complex, but if it is not executed thoroughly, the result won’t turn out well. Sometimes, just stick with the basics because it can look simple but turn out amazing.

When you’re baking or making desserts, it’s good to be ambitious and strive for more, but sometimes, we just need to take it easy and go simple. Instead of stressing over an overcomplicated cake or cupcake, just go with the good old vanilla dessert. It may seem a bit plain, but nothing can ever go wrong with the vanilla classic. Trying to think of more ways to make desserts seem more fancy or sophisticated sometimes end up with it being all over the place. It gets too crowded, and the flavors are now hidden since there is so much going on. Going with the vanilla flavor is a simple classic that is easy and can still turn out great. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo da Vinci


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