The Chapter of Change


In English class, we are currently reading A Tale of Two Cities. After reading the first chapter, my class had a detailed discussion about what the chapter title (“The Period”) emphasized. We were basically picking the whole thing apart.  One suggestion came up, and it was that the title talked about a time of change. Life is always changing, either for “the best of times” or “the worst of times.” During the Age of Discovery, the world was progressing to make a change. This leads to how new desserts are constantly being created and reinvented even if they become the best ones or the worst. The process won’t stop, and the recipes it leaves behind will be kept and improved on for ages.

Look at all the desserts that have been created over the years. For example, there’s ice cream. The origin of ice cream dates all the way back to the year A.D. when Roman emperor Nero sent slaves to the mountains to retrieve snow to mix with honey, nectar, and fruit toppings. Over time, ice cream has evolved a lot. It changed from the snow topped with honey syrup and fruit to the favorited creamy dessert we love today.


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