The Magic of Brain Fuel


In the beginning of English class on most days, we do this activity called Brain Fuel where my class and I would be able to read books, blogs, or do anything that interests us such as drawing or writing, etc. My teacher had us do this activity to allow ourselves to have some quiet time alone each day. It gives us time to relax and relieve stress which in turn allows us to be able to accomplish more and think better or be more creative. During Brain Fuel activity, an idea might pop into our head and it may come occasionally, or a whole bunch of ideas may come at once like a storm. They could come while we’re reading something that inspired us or while we draw. You never know. Maybe someday, one of those ideas could change the world. Having just a little time during class for Brain Fuel could actually make a difference. In those few minutes, it allows us to ponder about things we’ve never had time for since our day is always busy, consisting of school.

I’ve found my new favorite app called Brit+Co. from my cousin, and I can say that I absolutely love it. She showed me it one day, so now for Brain Fuel I’ve been looking through the app. It gives thousands of ideas such as DIY projects, easy recipes, new ideas for decorating, and more which are then separated into categories (Holiday, DIY, Style, Living, Food, Tech, etc.) to make it easier to access. I love the simple baking ideas they have on Brit+Co. They’re so cute! I don’t go a day where I don’t check out what’s new on the app now. You guys should definitely check out the app if you haven’t already! Here are some treats that are on there; hope you enjoy! 🙂


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