Au Revoir Finals! Hellooo Happiness~


Many of us have taken our finals already so all I can say is yaaaaaay! It has been such a stressful and tiring week that after finals were over, I literally knocked out…(shows how sleep deprived I was haha). Whenever finals are over, we always get the satisfaction of being able to relax again. It’s like being able to take a breath of fresh air and feeling free! The same goes with baking. Once you’re done and have already cleaned up, you feel happy with the results and satisfaction from making all the treats.

Since finals were over, my family and I had a little food adventure (sort of). My parents got my brother and I some boba from Half and Half Teahouse in Monterey Park, and OMG it’s amazing!!! (I got the iced milk drink with pudding and honey boba.) ❤ It’s one of the best boba I’ve ever had! If you guys haven’t tried it yet, I encourage you to go whenever you have the chance. But here’s a warning, the lines are loooooooooong, yet it’s all worth it! 🙂 Hope all you lovely people have a wonderful rest of the week!


6 thoughts on “Au Revoir Finals! Hellooo Happiness~

  1. I have had boba only TWICE in my life and I think I NEED to go to the boba place in Montery Park. The only flavor I have ever tried was mango. Do you have any flavors that you would recommend?

    • OMG Zainab!! you should definitely try this place when you have the chance! It’s kind of far, but it’s really worth it! I got the iced milk drink with pudding and honey boba, and it was amazing so I’d recommend that. 🙂 I think my uncle got one with taro pudding, and he said it was really good too!

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