Dessert Pizza?!?


This week we were supposed to create a WW1 poem in class. My teacher handed out papers with four poems on it, which we were supposed to read. Afterwards, we had to get into groups of 3 or 4 and create a new poem using the words from those four poems. After a while, my group and I realized it was a bit difficult to write the poem because it limited us to using only the words in the poem. We also had to work together to agree about what to write.

Just like how my group and I had to combine all the great pieces of artwork in the WW1 poems to make a new poem, it relates to how you have to be creative to combine new things sometimes and try to make something new and delicious. I recently ran across a recipe in a blog called girlversusdough, and guess what? It was a dessert pizza! I don’t think I’ve ever tried one before so after seeing this I was like “woah!” I mean…what more can I say about the combination? It was cookies and creme (one of my all time favorites) and pizza! Enough said. I’ll put her link down below~ 🙂 Hope you guys enjoy!