Making the Best of It


Hey guys! This week my friends and I were working on our innovation project. We learned about how even though we argue or fight, sometimes, we’re still friends. 🙂 Our project was called The Think It Theatre, and it gave us the opportunity to work with kids. Basically, we provided them with a theme in which they could interpret it however they liked. They could draw, write, and do many more! It was such a fun experience because as we were working with the kids, we were also able to get to know some of them. One of the girls even made me a basket with gummy treats inside! I didn’t expect it at all, and it was so sweet of her. ❤ Not only did we get to meet new people through this project, we also learned how to work as a group. We learned to cooperate, be patient, and be understanding. There were some obstacles along the way, but we made some adjustments and did the best we can with what we had. This was a fun experience because we were able to help the kids find their talents together too. To see our progress, I’ll put the link down below~ 🙂

think it theatre

This kind of relates to baking. Sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want them to. What do you do? Do you continue and try or  give up? You should work with what you have and make the best of it! Even though the dessert might not come out the way you expected it to, you can still learn from the experience. Just take the leap and do it because once you succeed, it could be the greatest feeling ever.

the link:

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