Just Do It


SUMMER IS FINALLY ALMOST HERE!! However, as summer approaches, so are finals… 😦 We all tell ourselves to not procrastinate and start studying. It’s easier said than done though. I have a hard time myself trying to not procrastinate, but only a few more weeks guys! We can do it! Say no to procrastination and NIKE. 🙂  Continue reading

La fin n’est que le début (The End is just the Beginning)

Recently, in class, we were watching the movie Paths of Glory. In this movie, there were soldiers from France who were sent out to do the impossible, which was to attack the ant hill controlled by the Germans. However, they failed to do so, and 3 of the soldiers were tried in court for being cowards. They were found guilty for “not bravely serving their country.”

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Au Revoir Finals! Hellooo Happiness~


Many of us have taken our finals already so all I can say is yaaaaaay! It has been such a stressful and tiring week that after finals were over, I literally knocked out…(shows how sleep deprived I was haha). Whenever finals are over, we always get the satisfaction of being able to relax again. It’s like being able to take a breath of fresh air and feeling free!  Continue reading

The Humor in Baking

This week in English class was all about comedy. What is the definition of funny anyways? It all depends on a person’s perspective. Everyone sees things differently so while something might seem funny to someone, it might not be funny to someone else. My English teacher gave us a packet to read about all the different types of comedy and techniques used to create comedy. The most important thing he said though was, “You can’t be mean and funny at the same time.” When something is humorous, you want everybody to be able to laugh together, not make someone feel left out and feel bad. Enjoying the fun moment together is way better than being mean to get the laughs.


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The Magic of Brain Fuel


In the beginning of English class on most days, we do this activity called Brain Fuel where my class and I would be able to read books, blogs, or do anything that interests us such as drawing or writing, etc. My teacher had us do this activity to allow ourselves to have some quiet time alone each day. It gives us time to relax and relieve stress which in turn allows us to be able to accomplish more and think better or be more creative. During Brain Fuel activity, an idea might pop into our head and it may come occasionally, or a whole bunch of ideas may come at once like a storm. They could come while we’re reading something that inspired us or while we draw. You never know. Maybe someday, one of those ideas could change the world. Having just a little time during class for Brain Fuel could actually make a difference. In those few minutes, it allows us to ponder about things we’ve never had time for since our day is always busy, consisting of school.

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Keeping It Simple


In my English class this week, we were working on our innovation projects. However, sometimes, we feel the need that in order to make a good project, it should be complicated and elaborate so it seems cool and awesome. That’s not the case though. A project or an idea can be very complex, but if it is not executed thoroughly, the result won’t turn out well. Sometimes, just stick with the basics because it can look simple but turn out amazing.

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