Going the Distance

ImageWe recently watched a movie called Rocky in class, starring Sylvester Stallone. The movie is about an amateur boxer, Rocky, who’s never actually had a real fight before and is given the chance to fight a well known, heavyweight champion. He is given the opportunity to pursue the American dream, and along the way, he finds love. To prepare for the big fight, Rocky trains all day and night. He never gives up even with all the obstacles thrown at him in life. Rocky tries to look past the negatives and keep moving on. However, while everyone else was pushing him and thinking that his goal was to beat Apollo Creed, Rocky was aiming more than that. He told his girlfriend, Adrian, that he knew he wouldn’t be able to beat the champion, and it was absurd to even think he’d be able to. Continue reading

La fin n’est que le d├ębut (The End is just the Beginning)

Recently, in class, we were watching the movie Paths of Glory. In this movie, there were soldiers from France who were sent out to do the impossible, which was to attack the ant hill controlled by the Germans. However, they failed to do so, and 3 of the soldiers were tried in court for being cowards. They were found guilty for “not bravely serving their country.”

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