Cookies + Ice Cream= Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creation

 Hope you guys had a great week! This week I found out about Chips Ahoy’s Ice Cream Creations! They’re the company’s new cookies that taste like ice cream! Wait whaaat?!?! Yup. You got that right! Chips Ahoy came out with four flavors for their Ice Cream Creations line: Dulce de Leche, Mint Chocolate Chip, Mocha Chunk, and Root Beer Float. It reminded me about the innovation projects we’re doing in English class and how there are so many things out there that could be invented. They could be inspired by anything. With Chips Ahoy newly invented cookie flavors, I think I might find myself going to the store and looking for these ice cream-inspired cookies creations to snack on with a glass of milk! 🙂 What do you guys think of the cookies? 


Chew on This

It’s not Halloween without the candy apples! Candy apples are a hit during the holiday, but where did these favored treats originate?

According to legend, it was said that a candy maker, William W. Kolb, was experimenting with cinnamon-flavored candies. He came up with an idea to dip some apples into the melted red sweets to display in his shop window. This may have sparked the candy apple craze! After that, candy apple production sky rocketed, and the rest is history.