Who Said You Couldn’t Play With Food?

Hey guys! Remember when I mentioned about how my class and I were participating in an innovation project in our class? Well, my friend recently showed me a site called “The Journal,” and there was food art! Omg..they were so cute. Who would’ve thought you could make so many kinds of picture and art from just food?! These people took something ordinary such as food and innovated it into beautiful art. I remember when I was little, I was told to never play with food, but I think making the food into works of art invites the kids to want to eat their food more! It gets them excited to eat their food, especially if they look that fun! ūüôā I thought these creative innovations were so brilliant I just had to share it with you guys! ūüôā Hope you have a great week~

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Snacks for Boosting Brain Power


In my previous posts, I’ve said that almost every day during English class, we do this thing called Brain Fuel. This activity is a time where it is quiet and peaceful, giving us some “alone” time. After doing brain fuel, it allows us to think better and accomplish more things. Here are some good treats to snack on that will help get our minds going! Continue reading

Creativity through MishMash

Have you guys heard of Cintascotch? Well, in English class recently,¬†my teacher brought up what he does and showed us some of his arts for¬†mishmash. Cintascotch takes the most common and ordinary things we¬†have and transforms them into works of art. It sparks a whole lot of¬†imagination and creativity because there’s no limit to what we can do.¬†In my recent post, I took inspiration from Cintascotch. I used coins¬†as balloons for a simple UP drawing and chocolate chips as raindrops¬†for the other picture. Not only are Cintascotch’s art amazing, he¬†shows people to think outside the box and look at things in a¬†different perspective. By looking at things in another way, you can¬†create something awesome from just the things around you. Here are¬†some of his arts using Oreo cookies, fruits, candies, and etc.~