Life is Full of Sweet Surprises


So, Mother’s Day is coming up, and I found a fun and unique gift that is great to give to all those moms out there! 🙂 Instead of just giving an ordinary box of chocolates, why not sweeten things up and surprise your mom by using a book to use as a hideout for the candies! (She’ll never see it coming haha) 😛 Just take any book of choice and cut out some pages in the book to put the candies in. I think this idea is the cutest thing ever, and it’s a great way to creatively recycle a book.

You can find out more about how to recreate this idea here:

Who Said You Couldn’t Play With Food?

Hey guys! Remember when I mentioned about how my class and I were participating in an innovation project in our class? Well, my friend recently showed me a site called “The Journal,” and there was food art! Omg..they were so cute. Who would’ve thought you could make so many kinds of picture and art from just food?! These people took something ordinary such as food and innovated it into beautiful art. I remember when I was little, I was told to never play with food, but I think making the food into works of art invites the kids to want to eat their food more! It gets them excited to eat their food, especially if they look that fun! 🙂 I thought these creative innovations were so brilliant I just had to share it with you guys! 🙂 Hope you have a great week~

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How Strong is Your Will Power?

During class, we watched this documentary called “The Guru of Go.” After watching the film, it leaves this feeling in you, and I’m just like wow…that was amazing. In the documentary film, it talked about Hank Gathers. He was a basketball player and a very inspirational person. Hank pushes himself to the limit and doesn’t give up. When he found out that he had an irregular heartbeat, Hank was determined to conquer the problem when it began to affect his playing skills. The medications he took didn’t allow him to perform as well as he should so he began to cut down on the doses. He was risking his life by doing this, but Hank was set on not letting his heart problem stop him from playing even down to his last dunk.Image Continue reading