Creativity through MishMash

Have you guys heard of Cintascotch? Well, in English class recently, my teacher brought up what he does and showed us some of his arts for mishmash. Cintascotch takes the most common and ordinary things we have and transforms them into works of art. It sparks a whole lot of imagination and creativity because there’s no limit to what we can do. In my recent post, I took inspiration from Cintascotch. I used coins as balloons for a simple UP drawing and chocolate chips as raindrops for the other picture. Not only are Cintascotch’s art amazing, he shows people to think outside the box and look at things in a different perspective. By looking at things in another way, you can create something awesome from just the things around you. Here are some of his arts using Oreo cookies, fruits, candies, and etc.~


Let Your Imagination Soar


Recently, my class and I were working on our innovation projects in English. Sometimes, projects could get stressful though over things such as getting things done by the deadline and etc. But, for the innovation project, although we have to worry about those things too, we just had to let our imagination run free. If we let our imagination soar, there’s no telling what could be accomplished! Here are some wonderful innovative treat ideas that people have come up with to recreate, and it only took some creativity and imagination. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

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