Life is Full of Sweet Surprises


So, Mother’s Day is coming up, and I found a fun and unique gift that is great to give to all those moms out there! 🙂 Instead of just giving an ordinary box of chocolates, why not sweeten things up and surprise your mom by using a book to use as a hideout for the candies! (She’ll never see it coming haha) 😛 Just take any book of choice and cut out some pages in the book to put the candies in. I think this idea is the cutest thing ever, and it’s a great way to creatively recycle a book.

You can find out more about how to recreate this idea here:

Finding that Shade


People have their own perspective on everything. We are all unique individuals who see things differently through our own eyes, and our thoughts reflect that. In class, there was this talk about everyone being their own shade of grey. It portrays their range of thoughts. In the color scale ranging from black to white, even though one might think that he is in the color shade of white, he is still in the color shade of grey. Not black. Not white. Grey. Our creative minds allow us to have an infinite number of thoughts in which they may lean toward the dark color of black or just white. However, it all results in a grey area no matter what. So what shade of grey do you find yourself in?